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I just purchased a new waverunner. It came with a nice new cover to protect it from the elements. I attach the waverunner it to my dock with mooring whips, … Is this a size 8?

I just wanted to double check with you on the attached picture to see if this is in fact a size 8 zipper? We have a SeaRay Sundancer with the … how can i repair a series of little holes 1"x1" in the side window of our enclosure? Chris you really can't repair them so they won't be noticeable. Discount code What happens if your panels are 6 inches from each other? I use a bridge cover for my boat but I am selling my boat. I need to put up my eisinglass that hasn't been up in 5 years. It doesn't come close to matching … my isenglass zipper is exactly 30" long. Managed to do it last year.

Like the top is shrinking.

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I have to tried to order a few extenders and to pay by paybal but I could not as the US is the only country that I can select from the list. How … I would like to know if a EZ-Xtend 5 size is available in a 58" length? If so, what else do I need to purchase? Thanks, … can you use these on a jeep soft top? The top canvas is too tight.

I need to extend the standoff bar wrap around. Likely the side curtains as well. The zippers are PK. I bought a Key West DC. Some how--shrinking or cover frame out of whack … zipper availability longer than 93 inches?

Zipperstop Promo Codes & Deals

I have two number 10 zippers for my canvas on the fly bridge they are over your 93 inch limit are black and the actual length is 96 inches. Now teeth are breaking on the older half, can I use this … Click here to write your own. My zipper has more teeth than your examples. What to do. The zipper pull broke in half. The zipper pull itself broke in half. The zipper is smaller than your number 8 or It has more teeth. What to do? Looks like my zipper has 8 or 9 teeth … Can I use this on an RV zipper repair?

I have a broken zipper on a pop-up camper. Does the EZ tend have to be sewn over the fabric of the broken zipper, or is it glued? All zippers in … Do you offer larger zippers? Our UK Sail stack pac came with a zipper along the top of it that runs the entire length.

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It's a big zipper that measures 4 teeth in an inch and is aprox. I need at least 6.

Is there a seperate order form for the "Stops"? How many "S. Is there a separate order form for the "Stops"?

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The zipper are approximately 30 … How do I sew a zipper in an arch or semi circle? I'm not sure if I need to cut the zipper different lengths! I'm not sure which side to sew in first! Should I sew the inner part first or the outer part. I guess each zipper comes with 1 handle so you are supposed to cut it to length then throw away the excess, is that correct?

General questions about the product. Hi Randy, Yes,that is the idea. Just cut the EZ-Xtend Zipper to length on your boat, after zipping it into place. It could be either depending on where you start to measure. Have a couple of broken teeth and cover is too tight on my Searay No photo came through. Start counting in between the teeth. Full teeth inside … where do I get the zipper stop from?

I have to cut your ex-xtend zippers to length They will come with it, along with instructions on how to do. They come in metal, plastic and they also come in 10 stainless steel for those who want … Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? Hi Rob, Yes ykk 10v stands for vislon. Vislon is the the plastic that ykk makes the teeth out of.

They will tell you directly who the distributors are for marine … can i order a 20 inch zipper? However, it is very easy to cut down a zipper to the right size. Hi Marvinsax, Glad to hear of your … There are 16 teeth per inch on this cover. I am trying to replace the zipper for a cover to the awning on the boat.

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There are 16 teech per inch. Will the 8 or 10 work, or neither. Aft isinglass panels tough to zipper to arch on both port and starboard side.

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  7. The EZ-Xtend zipper is a single unit, sold one at a time. How hard is it to cut your EZ-Xtend zippers and add the stop for it? I have a SeaRay with Camper top canvas. The canvas is and the panels doesn't fit at the sides. How does the EZx tend attach? Will I need to get the puller fixed first? It curves at two corners. Hi William, I am going … If I do one zipper along the top looks like I have to go all the way around and do all the panels so the zippers on the sides would match up , correct?

    Shrunkin canvas You can use just one, but you would then need a pair of Align-a-zips on either side of the panel you lowered. Once the panel is … Zipper repair? I have a Grady White Sailfish. The isinglass panel on the helm side is torn along the seam. I tried to remove the whole section, but one of the … Click here to write your own.

    The isinglass had shrunk to the point that installing it was an all-morning job, with some snaps totally unusable due to the material shrinkage. I really was preparing to purchase a complete new canvas set, but hated to spend the money-especially since the canvas is still in excellent shape.