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Depending if your interior style is a more rustic casual look than keep what you have and work around it. Otherwise, if your interior style is something other than that, I agree something needs to be done. Yes, you can just paint the cabinet boxes and change out only the doors. The bottom project is similar to your existing cabinets. If you want to see more photos of these projects, go to my Houzz page. I'm an authorize dealer for Showplace Wood Products, they have a program called Renew. They have several dealers throughout the USA.

You can either reface or if you chose, you can just purchases doors, as well as any side panels, crown moldings, decorative legs, toeskin covers, replace old doors with glass doors, etc. Showplace Renew program offers wide variety of glass, glass mullion options or stain glass options. If you need to add a cabinet and match it to the size you have now, it can be done. Showplace Renew uses Sherwin Willam Paints, so you can have them in any color you want.

They also offer glazing in several colors. They have numerous door styles to chose from. For the most durable finish use their oil base paint. Farm Toile design. My contractor doesn't get back to me until the 19th of August to paint the entire interior, reside the exterior, and tear out the kitchen tile so the floor person can come in. The television is going inside a handsome armoire quatre portes. The fireplace surround and hearth will be slate with a different firebox.

A suitable old mantel has not yet been located. The brass chandelier is going in my bedroom; living room chandeliers will be black iron as I believe LB Interiors and several other people also suggested early on.

The big pastoral picture stays over the mantel; the large mirror from my bedroom--there's a photo of it somewhere in this thread--goes on the wall behind the dinner table. The captain's chairs are being retired to the box room as extra seating. The dining room chairs will be os de mouton. Garden seat for master bath: Maison Pompeii suggested one. Several are coming up soon at New Orleans auction. I have the new living room rug down temporarily and have attached several photos. Basement dig out - lowering basement floor Q.

Mmfunkyd, The estimate didn't cost any money, as the work was done by the contractor who was already building a two-car garage and gutting and remodeling my kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. I did get engineer's plans for the permit and they were reviewed by my municipality.

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The engineer was a great guy - everyone really liked him, but he ended up having some issues with follow up. Things get very delayed because of his lack of responsiveness. As you can see - this is still a yucky old basement. It is just a little over two feet deeper.

Now it works for my 6'4" 16 y. Before even I couldn't stand up straight, and I am only 5'10"! The floor is poured now, and steel columns have replaced the wood supports. We did have some shifting in the house, which was worrisome, but nothing since the steel supports were installed, and I that was at that was at least 3 months ago.

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My advice to anyone interested in something similar, who is also having other work done, is this - look for a decent contractor for the other jobs and be upfront about what you want to achieve. Find someone flexible, and see If they are interested in doing this just b as an add-on. In the end, it was very labor intensive, but NOT rocket science.

Any decent contractor would have been able to do it. I don't think my contractor works in NJ, but I really think any decent contractor can do this job.

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Photo is from before the floor was poured. I can't get a better photo now, because the RTA Barker kitchen cabinets, and everything that will eventually go on the garage is being stored there. I tried to spray the GF Enduro Var and because it dries so fast, it was hardening inside the sprayer. If I walked away for minutes, that was enough time for the Enduro Var to start to dry to the touch. Luckily I tested it first in an inconspicuous space.

That was when I decided to brush it by hand. I just spotted this on the front page, its the same color scheme as my kitchen and even the same shell shades except mine are shaped differently. I haven't seen the Enduro Var yellow since I used it Spring I haven't tried the white pigmented.

Current Just Cabinets Coupons

I also work for a company that sells refinishing products used for pianos, wood floors and antique furniture. I bought a spray lacquer from them to spray clear on my painted antique white cabinets. Looks like they sell a Semi Covering lacquer in a spray can. They sell different versions of it depending if it's being done over stain or paint.